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FD&C Red Dye #40, also commonly called Red 40, is widely used in the foods and drugs that we consume; often we don't give much thought to the fact that much of what we consume is artificially colored.

The purpose of this site is to provide education and information on Red Dye #40 as well as to create a forum for discussion among people who are, for whatever reason, concerned about this very common food additive.

While there are many claims and fears about the effects of various phenomena in our lives, (cell phone radiation, magnetic or electrical fields, pesticides and pollutants) the goal of this site is to provide a balanced and scientifically accurate point of view. Wherever possible, we will strive to quote from accredited, trusted sources concerning the effects of Red Dye #40. While there's no prohibition here against publishing anecdotal evidence, every attempt will be made to label it as such to help the visitor separate science from scare mongering.

This site contains sections on the history and chemistry behind Red40 as well as a comprehensive list of foods and drugs that contain this colorant. There's also a discussion board where visitors can talk about their experiences or issues with the chemical. Finally, there's a section about other dyes, both alternatives to create a red color as well as other common food dyes for the major hues.

The goal of this site is to support the community - if you have any ideas, suggestions or comments, please feel free to pass them along to our webmaster.


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